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Davita being Interviewed on Hypnosis Today with her client that   overcame anxiety through hypnosis and turned it into courage and power.

Facebook Live workshop on Creating Conscious, Loving and Passionate Relationships

Creating Conscious, Loving, Passionate Relationships

Would you like to uncover your power to manifest a conscious, passionate and deeply loving relationship that awakens the heart and liberates the mind? A sacred relationship acts as mirror to our own awareness, it brings us toward greater transformation, self love and self actualization. 

This transformational mini retreat will be lead by Davita Moodley - Hypnotherapist and Relationship Expert. She will guide you toward accessing the power of your subconscious mind to heal and release limiting beliefs and patterns about relationships and unlock your potential to manifest awakened love within yourself and with a partner. 


In this Mini Retreat: 


We will shed light on how powerful the subconscious mind is in manifesting the relationships we experience. Each of us create a relationship blueprint that forms mostly between  0-12 years old and this holds all our belief systems and inner narratives about love and relationships. 


The subconscious mind is very much like a sponge during this time, we absorb both the negative and the positive. The negative become part of what is known to us and we often act unknowingly from our wounds of childhood, in our intimate relationships. These wounds will keep resurfacing until we bring them to the light of conscious awareness to heal. 

In This Mini Retreat We Will: 


Shine the light of your own awareness on the subconscious mind and heal limiting beliefs and painful subconscious patterns that may be blocking your path to love. 


Create an inner harmony with self love and self acceptance within yourself. 


Understand the 5 characteristics of a mindful and passionate relationship. 


Discover the precise techniques to harness the subconscious mind to manifest a conscious relationship aligned with your highest aspirations of love.  


Find out how to deepen your relationship through specific practices of gratitude, mindfulness and heightened self awareness. 


Become masterful in manifesting with the intentions of love and compassion the life and love you wish to experience. 


Finally discover the immense transformational powers of a mirror like relationship and how this can be the vessel for self realization.

Hypnosis for Actors: Master Your Craft and Book Auditions

This workshop offers an incredibly powerful journey into understanding and fully harnessing the potential of the subconscious mind, to take your acting career to the next level.


Discover how the power of hypnosis can give you the cutting edge as an actor:

Learn how to utilize the powerful state of hypnosis to master your subconscious mind. Discover the unconscious belief systems that are holding you back from reaching your potential as an actor.


 Delve into the shadowy parts of the subconscious mind that may be sabotaging your success. Learn how to identify these archetypes that may be identified with fear and limitation and transform them into their full potential.


Discover the power of hypnosis to completely transform your experience in the casting room. Overcome stage fright, nervousness and lack of confidence tap into power, passion and presence in the casting room through fear breaking hypnosis and creative visualizations.


 Discover your creative potential as an actor, learn how to deeply connect with  your emotions and fully embody the role you are playing.


Finally how to use self hypnosis to manifest  your acting goals

Awaken inner power and Break Free of Anxiety

All fear and anxiety is rooted in the subconscious mind, learned associations and beliefs create fear to subconsciously 'protect you from something' 


Through this workshop:


You will discover the roots of fear and learn how to overcome underlying belief systems that perpetuate this emotional cycle through 


Find out how to neutralize memories and further worries of their emotional charge through hypnosis and visualization techniques


Learn powerful mindfulness techniques that can help you move out of reactivity into empowered presence 


Dive into your incredible potential on the other side of fear and learn how to manifest the emotional states you want 


Manifest Your Dreams and Goals

This powerful workshop you will discover how to create and manifest inspired goals.


Through Hypnosis and Mindfulness You Will Discover How To:

Create a powerful vision and plan that utilizes your subconscious mind to take your goals from dreams to realities. 


Uncover your unique gifts and skill sets and optimize them 


Break through internal resistance and doubts about your capacity to achieve your goals.


Uncover and transform  the belief systems and subconscious identities that are holding you back from manifesting this vision


Tapping into your power and creativity to become the highest version of yourself that is aligned with your goal state 


The specific hypnotic and mindfulness techniques to place you on an unstoppable course toward empowerment and meaningful success 


About Me

Hi my name is Davita Moodley, I am Mindful Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert and the Passionate founder of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy.


I joyfully welcome you to this site. I created this site as a resource for healing, transformation and complete awakening to your true potential.


Discover the power of your awareness and subconscious mind to create an inspired life, filled with love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.