How The Subconscious Mind Works

The only limits in the mind are the limits we place on the mind. The mind is the most powerful resource to heal and transform destructive patterns and belief systems that limit our happiness and success in life.


When the mind is not integrated, it is separated into the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind represents  decision making, analyzing and logical thinking and accounts for 10% of the minds power. The subconscious mind represents about 90% of the mind and is the storehouse of all memories, beliefs,  identities, roles, culture and habitual patterns.


The subconscious mind creates imprints of what was observed at a young age (0 -13 years old) about relationships, family, health, money, success, success, failure,spirituality, emotions, values and beliefs. These imprints over time become subconscious structured identities and mental blueprints.



How Mental Blueprints and Subconscious Idnetities Create Your Reality

Identities are the various ways in which we see ourselves and the roles we take on, consciously and unconsciously. Mental blueprints act as maps of reality that hold core beliefs about the way we see ourselves and others.


When these identities and blueprints remain subconscious then we go on automatically projecting our lives, without any meaningful conscious intention in creating the reality we experience. We simply use our conscious mind to recreate whatever our subconscious mind has learned to be a past reality, even if this reality was painful.


When these identities and blueprints have negative core beliefs attached to them then we may suffer in one or all of the 4 Pillars of life, you can read about them here on the Pillars of Potential


Love and relationships

Health and Wellness


Career, Path and Purpose


Examples of Negative Subconscious Identities can be:


  • The Victim: the kind of identity often gets a person into emotionally, financially or physically repressive or abusive relationships with others or with work 
  • The Martyr: this is a learned pattern of behavior that you often see in co dependent situations, in which a person derives their value by being of use
  • The Rebel: this identity can be destructive in terms of addiction issues, refusing to conform to healthy behaviors, commitment phobias and anti social behavior 
  • The Ruler: this identity can be controlling, easily angered, and demanding 
  • The Innocent: this identity can be overly naive and fail to mature and wish to remain child like in many ways and want to be taken care of
  • The Orphan: this identity can form when someone experiences feeling abandoned or rejected in early childhood and can go on into adulthood as being overly dependent and clingy in relationships or terrified of emotional connection


Examples of Negative Mental Blueprints can be:


  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • Relationships are painful
  • The people you love always abandon you 
  • Love hurts
  • I always get sick
  • I will never achieve my dreams 
  • Something is wrong with me at my core
  • I can only depend on me
  • It's a cruel world


If we wish to change these areas of our lives then we have to change the underlying identities and blueprints. Talk therapy often struggles to make major changes here because it works largely with just the conscious mind. 


This approach is radically different, it works directly with the subconscious mind and in this way has a deeply impactful effect. Through cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness and hypnotherapy we create a bridge of awareness between the deep subconscious conditioning that limits growth and happiness and conscious goals and desires.


We go to the heart of the matter to heal and transform subconscious beliefs and identities that are attached to anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, self sabotage and other destructive patterns.


We remove all limitations in thinking and relating from the subconscious mind and consciously create new empowered blueprints and identities that support your highest potential, path and purpose.


We create a strong and powerful pathway to the subconscious mind. Through our continued work of integrating conscious and subconscious mind you will learn how to intentionally create your relationships, career, spiritual path and well being from your innate pool of limitless potential. 





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