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Welcome to the beginning of your journey to becoming your highest self and realizing your awakened goals and dreams.


On this page you will find some of my most popular guided hypnotherapy sessions that have been a powerful source of transformation for hundreds of my clients across the world. 


Each of these guided sessions, will use several hypnotic techniques to guide you into the state of hypnosis. There is no right way to be hypnotized, everyone experiences the state differently and goes into different hypnotic states. There is no preferred state to be in, all states work well as long as you have the desire and intention to allow the hypnosis to work with you mind.  It is perfectly normal to have thoughts while you are in hypnosis. Just know that your subconscious mind is doing all the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of hypnosis. Always remember all hypnosis is self hypnosis, which means you are always in control of the process and it is up to you to allow the process to transform you.


Hypnosis  is simply a relaxed and focused state of attention which allows you to access your subconscious mind and make powerful and positive changes to your emotional life, your relationships and your ability to manifest your goals and dreams.


Your subconscious mind is your internal blueprint of the world, it contains all the thoughts and belief systems you have learned through your life, especially between ages 0 - 12 and it is through this blueprint that you create your life. 


This blueprint creates emotional positive states like happiness but is also responsible for states like anxiety and depression, these states become the learned ways of relating to the world and coping with situations. 


This blueprint also creates love relationships, through your subconscious beliefs about love, marriage and relationships in general, you will attract partners that match whatever it is you hold to be true at a subconscious level. Many people unknowingly hold negative subconscious beliefs about relationships which results in them attracting partner and relationships that are difficult or even toxic.


This blueprint works in every major area of our life: money, career, motivation, health and spiritual path.


The power of hypnotherapy works through the power of your subconscious mind to access and change this blueprint. It allows you to create a conscious blueprint and manifest the life, love and happiness you've always desired.


Hypnotherapy works upon your openness to make positive and empowering changes in your life.


I recommend setting an intention before every session like this:


"I fully open myself to receive all the healing benefits of this guided hypnotic journey and allow my subconscious mind to transform every area my life in positive, empowering ways."


Each of the guided sessions you will find below have been created to heal and release limiting beliefs, fears and emotional wounds and awaken you to love, awareness and meaningful happiness.


For the greatest benefit listen to your hypnosis session before bed every night for at least six weeks.


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Hypnotherapy for Love and Relationships

20 Minute Guided Hypnosis Audio Download: Heal Past Emotional Wounds and Manifest True Love
This hypnotherapy session will take you on a healing journey into your subconscious mind through the power of guided imagery to heal your heart and open yourself up to profound self love and manifesting a conscious loving relationship.

You will be able to heal old patterns and feeling unworthy, disappointed and fears of being hurt abandoned or overwhelmed and engulfed and losing control in relationships. You will be given the power to completely break through emotional and psychological barriers to you creating loving relationship.

You will then be guided to tapping into your full mind Potential to create the conscious, loving, soul connecting relationship you want.

You will manifest in the hypnosis a partner that is aligned with your highest aspirations for love and who will truly reflect your highest self. A soul mate in this context refers to a being you consciously create from the potential of your mind.

A person that represents the qualities of love, kindness, compassion, hon
MP3 Audio File 9.2 MB
10 Minute Worthiness Hypnosis: Let Go of Relationship Doubts, Insecurities and Emotionally Unavailable Partners and Step Into Your Worth and Self Confidence
When we find ourselves attracting partners that are insecure, jealous or emotionally unavailable this usually means we have subconscious fears that are keeping us locked into the so called - 'comfort zone'- this means we attract what we are familiar with, even if that is not consciously what we want. If we do not feel truly worthy on our own and grounded in this worth, then it is not possible to manifest a relationship of worth. To break free of toxic cycles, we have to let go of these patterns and break out of this zone and step into worth and self love. When we do this we become a magnet for attracting a partner that is aligned to us emotionally, spiritually and sexually and we can truly experience an amazing relationship. But this relationship has to begin with loving ourselves with absolute, uncompromising love - and this means getting in touch with who we truly are.

This hypnosis will lead you on a powerful journey to release fears and limitations- break out of this zone and step
Worthiness Releasing Fear and Manifestin
MP3 Audio File 9.7 MB
Guided Hypnosis: Connect to Aphrodite and Your Divine Feminine and Awaken Love, Sensuality and Confidence
This hypnosis will allow you to heal and transform the unconscious insecurity, fear and shame, that is so often felt by women in a society in which we feel repressed in expressing our feminine power. Within each of us we have the beauty of the divine feminine, the creative power to begin anew, to manifest love, beauty and our dreams and visions. Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love, worshipped by the Greeks and Romans for her intelligence, beauty, love and sensuality. In this hypnosis we journey within our own minds to meet with Aphrodite and allow her to heal what has been wounded in love and to awaken us to our hearts and divine feminine power.
Connecting To Aphrodite Nature transform
MP3 Audio File 11.0 MB

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Guided Hypnosis: Deep Restorative Sleep Hypnosis
This hypnosis will allow you to let go of any thoughts or energy states that may be keeping you up at night and guide you into a gentle, deep and restorative sleep. While you sleep your subconscious mind will release any fear, anxieties or beliefs that may have been keeping you up and when you wake in the morning you will awake feel confident, energetic and motivated.
Deep, Restorative Sleep Hypnosis.mp3
MP3 Audio File 8.1 MB

Hypnosis for Depression

Guided Hypnosis to Break Free of Hypnosis and Radiate Self Love, Confidence and Creativity
Discover the power of hypnosis to help you break free of depression and negativity and release the unconscious beliefs and thoughts that create it.

Step into empowerment, self love and deep inner self confidence through this short and powerful hypnosis session.
Break Free of Depression and Feel Motiva
MP3 Audio File 7.0 MB

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Guided Hypnosis Free Yourself of Anxiety and Heal The inner Critic and Rise Up to Higher Awareness and Confidence
This guided hypnosis session will break through stress, anxiety and insomnia and help to heal and release the inner critical voice that usually creates these painful emotional states.
Get instant relief from these states by listening to this hypnosis daily and increase the voice of self love, self esteem and self confidence.
In this hypnosis connect with your higher mind and overcome anxiety and anchor in deep states of confidence and self acceptance.
Hypnosis for healing anxiety and a criti
MP3 Audio File 7.6 MB

Hypnotherapy for Calming The Mind and  Being Present and Opening The Heart to Love and Compassion

This Hypnosis Will Empower You To:

Get out of overthinking and more into the body, breath and present moment with mindful breathing and becoming calm and centered.

Help ease the voice of intellectualization and control when dealing with family and relationship difficulties and allow your to be able to be present with suffering without having to save anyone or take over their pain

Heal fears of closeness or intimacy and allow you to love and be loved deeply and authentically

Allow you to connect more deeply with your emotional side, your heart and tenderness so you can be in relationship

Allowing others to take responsibility for themselves in the work and family arena
Opening the heart to vulnerability and l
MP3 Audio File 15.0 MB

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Hi my name is Davita Moodley, I am Mindful Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert and the Passionate founder of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy.


I joyfully welcome you to this site. I created this site as a resource for healing, transformation and complete awakening to your true potential.


Discover the power of your awareness and subconscious mind to create an inspired life, filled with love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.