My Philosophy

 The path and journey I offer is one of profound healing, integrating and awakening.


I provide a space of deep acceptance, shared common ground, empathy and illumination. In this space we create a vision for both your present and future. 


We then delve into the parts of the mind that hold pain and resistance to this vision. We seek to understand your subconscious mind, to unveil it's belief systems, identities and archetypes. Through hypnotherapy we are able to work with the parts of yourself that may have been pushed away or hurt and heal them deeply.   


Hypnotherapy provides a healing bridge between conscious goals and the wounds of the subconscious mind. 


Hypnosis accesses highly suggestable states of mind in which you can change even the most engrained patterns of thinking and behaving. Through this process you will be able to heal the deepest anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and self sabotage.


Through our work together you will find that your wounds are actually the path towards integrating the mind and creating inner union of vision, path and purpose. With mindful nurturing  of this vision there is nothing beyond your capacity to create.


You can then look vividly and clearly ahead and create a strong and bold vision for your future through awakening to your limitless potential.


 My goal is to guide you to discover and hone this potential.






My Experience

I have since a young age had strong eastern influences of wisdom and inward looking. My family provided me with a beautiful Vedanta Background which gave me insights into the nature of mind and reality. 


Today this wisdom has continued to impact me in powerfully healing ways as I meditate and contemplate upon these insights daily. This also led me toward my journey toward psychology and my path and purpose of helping others. 


Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, I worked with children with learning difficulties in clinical and social settings for for 4 years. During this period I became well versed in the efficacy of cognitive behavioral modification. This period of my life was truly a gift to my development as a therapist as it taught me true compassion, patience, commitment and the ability to work with a variety of methodologies to meet therapeutic goals.


I was so intrigued by the power of behavioral modification that I wanted to expand my horizons and work with a therapeutic modality that fully encompassed the incredible creative capacity of the mind. A modality that went far beyond the model of diagnosing and medicating people and instead tapped into the incredible power every person has to transform their lives. 


Hypnotherapy had long been of interest to me as have the work of psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. After completing my Bachelor’s  Degree in Psychology and then many further years of personal research I sought out a career that worked exclusively with the immense power of the subconscious mind.


As a huge proponent of experiential learning I decided to put hypnotherapy to the test, and began seeing a hypnotherapist. 


The results after a mere 4 sessions were life changing. At the end of the sixth session I knew I had found my life’s path. I attended Hypnosis Motivation Instistute a month later. A year later I graduated with honors as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.



4 years later I now have a wonderfully rewarding and thriving hypnotherapy practice. I have collated the very best of techniques and methodologies to offer my clients a path to radical transformation. 


Hypnotherapy is so unique and powerful that it completely changes the way you approach therapy. In every  session my clients evolve in even deeper ways than planned for and by the end of our work undergo a complete metamorphosis.





My Approach to Hypnotherapy

Early in my practice I realized that hypnotherapy was very different from traditional psychotherapy. To start with, since the work is so deep, results can be seen within a much shorter time frame. Talk therapy can go on for months to years with no real goal in sight. Hypnotherapy is also goal oriented to the positive, meaning we always start with a goal in mind and work toward positive outcomes instead of having no real goal in sight or focusing on negative symptoms. Lastly in hypnotherapy we see you as unlimited potential through mastering your subconscious mind which differs from the model of diagnosing and medicating. 


These key differences led me to develop a new and revolutionary approach to therapy. 


My approach is client centered hypnotherapy with clear goals and a diverse tool box of methodologies to meet my clients anew in every session.


Therapy is not linear and is a process of constant growth and reevaluation and I am always open to my clients changing desires and goals and change my approach with this evolution. 


I focus on teaching my clients to own their story and  become the source of their happiness and inner peace. To recognize their capacity to be their own therapist, healer, teacher and source of wisdom. 


We work through the obstacles that currently stand in their way by viewing them as opportunities for positive change.


Each step of the way I show my clients how their mind works and how to change it in specific ways to meet their goals. 


I integrate the most powerful and effective tools from: 


Hypnotherapy: Access and Transform the Subconscious Mind to Create the Life You Want

Mindfulness : Learn to Become, Present, Aware and Emotionally Empowered 

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques: Master Your Way of Thinking


This particular approach has resulted in my clients healing deeply, realizing their power and creating lasting happiness. Every year I have more and more clients coming into my practice ready and willing to become fully intentional in creating the life they experience. 


I have clients both locally and via Skype and truly enjoy connecting with diverse people and  cultures across the world. 


The culmination of my eastern background and understanding of western psychology has given me a very expansive view. I have found ways to integrate these world views to help my clients tap power of the their mind and create absolutely anything they wish through the lens of wisdom and compassion. 






About Me

Hi my name is Davita Moodley, I am Mindful Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert and the Passionate founder of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy.


I joyfully welcome you to this site. I created this site as a resource for healing, transformation and complete awakening to your true potential.


Discover the power of your awareness and subconscious mind to create an inspired life, filled with love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.