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Manifest Your Goals and Discover Path & Purpose


When we work to be safe and survive we are driven by primal and unconscious fears of not having enough or being enough. We hide from our unique potential and simply follow societal expectations and view our work as a means to an end. This view of work can leave us feeling uninspired, stressed and depressed. 



Yet we each have something unique and beautiful to share with this world. A gift that comes to life when vision unites with our specific skills to create something that is of true benefit to ourselves and others.


When we live a life inspired by passion then we recognize our career as a part of creative expression. We feel deeply motivated and present in our work life as it arises from a sense of inner knowing of path and purpose. We courageously share our passion and purpose with the world. We lead by example. We are energized by knowing our path and pursuing it.  


I meet you at precisely at the place you find yourself.


Together we will delve deeply to discover the source of your inspiration, your vision and your power. We will connect this to what you know in both your heart and mind is your purpose for being here.


We will work through any internal fears and impediments to your path and purpose arising in all it’s splendor.


We will work with both the conscious and subconscious mind and align all underlying beliefs to make the mind fertile and receptive.  We will plant the seeds for your path and purpose  and then cultivate mindful patience that will allow these seeds to blossom in the mind and come into fruition. 


When the harvest comes you will celebrate the fruits of your labor and be on the way to living, breathing and creating a deeply passionate, purposeful life.


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Making The Shift to Awakened Relationships

You may have become lost and deeply wounded by the tides of painful and unconscious relationships. Unconscious relationships simply mean that our interactions with those we are in relationship are built on a negative unconscious stories that we learned in the past and are unaware of.


When an underlying story is running, we may feel stuck in destructive relationship patterns that are driven by fear and anxiety or unresolved anger or sadness. These relationships appear to never really change and are filled with difficulty and turbulence. 


This is your roller coaster type relationship that is filled with highs, lows and emotional  uncertainty.  that are driven by underlying fears and currents of possessiveness, insecurity and emotional vacuousness can break even the strongest of hearts. Perhaps these cycles have left you weary, yet there has always been a part of you that recognized that this not the way a loving relationship should be. 


I ask you to bring your courageous heart and begin anew. Like waking from a long and painful dream together we can unravel the layers of unconscious patterns, beliefs and deep primal fears that project these painful partnerships. We will create a space for deep and sacred healing of your wounds and alchemize your pain into a loving and receptive heart.


A heart that forgives and embraces itself completely. That recognizes how each relationship has served as a perfect mirror to life's lesson at the time and that chooses to learn and integrate these lessons.


This beautiful process of falling in love with your essence will bring you into the realm of projecting a partner that loves you in a conscious, loving manner. A partner that reflects your deepest hopes, dreams and values. A relationship that gives you wings to fly freely and express yourself and return always to its loving embrace. A partner that reflects your beauty and your pain and gives you a space to own your story and heal. 


An awakened, aware relationship is what you will create through our work together.

Conscious relationships are created from the empowered realization that we are indeed responsible for the relationships we create. 


We consciously take back our power to intentionally create a relationship with a partner who recognizes this as well. We choose to be self aware, responsible for our thoughts and emotions and to choose a relationship that is deeply aligned with our values, beliefs and future hopes and goals.


In a conscious relationship we view our partner as a refection of ourselves. We see relationship as a space in which we can fuel our own transformation and we see our partner as a mirror to all that is light and dark within us. 


We are intimate, vulnerable and transparent. We love deeply, richly and profoundly. We are passionate and playful. 


Healing Destructive Emotions

Anxiety, anger, depression, guilt and shame are "Mind Signs" - it is the way your subconscious mind gives you a very clear sign that there is still some part of your story that needs to be examined, healed and transformed.


Our work together here will be a heroes journey. The willingness to look within, to take complete ownership for your experiences and to discover the thought patterns and beliefs that are creating these emotional states. These thought patterns and beliefs become unconscious stories we tell ourselves and project painfully so, time and time again.


These patterns and beliefs may not be fully conscious or be unconscious. By bravely looking at their source we can bring forgiveness, emotional release and fearlessness to the table. We can shift and heal past perceptions and integrate these powerful learnings into your subconscious mind.


You can change your story and I am devoted to helping you do so.


Freedom from The Past

An unresolved painful past is an anchor that keeps you forever tied to this pain.


The subconscious mind learns in this way, it stores painful core memories and attempts to "Protect" you from them in these ways:


  • It keeps you away from anything that resembles the memory. Ie: your parents have a painful divorce so you stay away from any kind of serious commitment 
  • It projects similar situations in an attempt to 'fix' your past
  • It keeps you safe from the feared memory Ie: a person that fears failure will never go beyond their comfort zone to avoid the pain of rejection

In these ways the subconscious mind keeps you tied to the source of the original pain and will continue to do so until you bring the light of your conscious awareness to the pain. Through hypnotherapy we can heal these early wounds and finally free you of the anchor of the past.


Aligned Body Mind & Health

When body and mind are aligned we feel at ease and peace. Our health reflects the relationship we hold both mentally and emotionally with ourselves. When this relationship begins to disintegrate then we do not treat our bodies,  we go on autopilot. We eat processed foods and sugars. We work more and rest less. We stay sedentary and do not provide our body with needed exercise and time outdoors. When we treat our mind poorly, we fall into a negative feedback loop of destructive beliefs, thoughts and emotions that constantly reinforce each other.



According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. And more than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.


Chronic stress can affect your brain, suppress your thyroid, cause blood sugar imbalances, decrease bone density and muscle tissue, raise blood pressure, reduce your immunity and ability to heal, and increase fat deposits around your abdomen that are associated with heart attacks, strokes and elevated “bad” cholesterol.

Read more here:


By bringing a mindfulness practice to our lives we are able to move back into conscious relationship with ourselves and greatly reduce stress and its derivatives.


There is a brilliant harmony that occurs when we bring loving awareness to the gift of our body and mind. When we nurture both with wisdom and tenderness. When we listen to the incredible ecosystem of inner callings that teach us how to live a life that would allow us to reach our full potential. When we learn to sit with our mind, in all it’s turmoil and splendor. To calm and soothe the mind and reawaken it to it’s power.


Medical Hypnotherapy uses the capacity of the mind to heal and correct itself.  Through the state of hypnosis,  deep learning states are created which facilitated communication between the mind and body changing perceptions of pain and other physical conditions.


The medical use of hypnosis can benefit:


Asthma, back pain, brain injury, cancer, depression, erectile function, fertility, fibroid healing, headache, liver conditions, hypertension, immunity, IBS, multiple sclerosis, neck conditions, pain, pregnancy and childbirth, skin conditions, spinal cord healing, surgery and recovery, and tinnitus, and a myriad of other medical needs.


With hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation can help you transform the way you perceive and relate to the body, cultivating a loving and symbiotic relationship between body and mind.


Whether you would like to change your relationship to food and exercise or you would like to take power back over illness and ailments in the body, I can help you utilize the incredible power of mind to do so.

About Me

Hi my name is Davita Moodley, I am Mindful Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert and the Passionate founder of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy.


I joyfully welcome you to this site. I created this site as a resource for healing, transformation and complete awakening to your true potential.


Discover the power of your awareness and subconscious mind to create an inspired life, filled with love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.