Awaken to Your Creative Power by Changing Limited Beliefs

Freedom to enter our full creative capacity lies in the level of awareness we embody.

If we recognize that from the first moment of consciousness we have been projecting this reality then we can release attachment to the paradigm of powerlessness. Meaning there is a world out there happening to me and I have to navigate through it and am a victim of it.Ā 

It is fair enough to say that we may not have known we were projecting this reality and done so from deeply unconscious states of mind at one time. By not knowing this we in all likelihood projected deeper and deeper realities of love and pain that reinforced each other and our beliefs that there is a world out there happening to us.Ā 

The degree to which we buy into old beliefs and roles is the degree to which we will experience the same old, tired reality.Ā 

Everything we experience is derived from the conditioned mind. We may not have been aware that we were creating our realities in the past but as we wake up now- we can recognize that there is absolutely no need to buy into past stories and beliefs and archetypes.

Here are some common negative beliefs systems:Ā 

  • Love is hard
  • Relationships are difficult
  • Men are sexistĀ 
  • Women are manipulativeĀ 
  • Money is hard to come by
  • Success is hard won
  • Awakening is going to take a long timeĀ 
  • This world is a dark placeĀ 

Each of these beliefs are usually supported by roles:

  • Victim
  • Abandoned oneĀ 
  • ConquerorĀ 
  • Damsel in distressĀ 
  • Femme fataleĀ 
  • RulerĀ 
  • IdealistĀ 
  • SageĀ 
  • FatalistĀ 

Now as much as reality may appear to reinforce these beliefs and roles or archetypes to be true, they are only as true as we believe them to be.Ā 

These are simply beliefs that are being replicated over and over again by unconscious archetypes perpetuating the same painful reality. These beliefs take physical form from constantly mentally reinforcing them.

With this understanding when these beliefs arise as people, places and situations we can choose our reaction. Since they are not inherently true, they provide an opportunity to think differently. We can choose whether to believe in what we see and keep perpetuating the past. Or we can choose to understand reality is completely malleable and forms according to the way we believe it to be on the deepest level. We can choose to shift our mind, our role, our way of being into a playful and fluid capacity and therefore completely change our experience of reality.Ā 

When we realize we are creating this reality we can choose either to buy into past illusions or arise awakened and create the life we want from a space of love and awareness.

Nothing is holding you back but the belief that something is holding you back and your attachment to that idea!Ā 

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