Inaguaration of President Donald Trump 2017: A Day Of Awakening

A Day of Awakening 

For many of us, this day means many things. Endings and Beginnings converge. 

The country stands divided, half filled with fear and disillusionment, the other with hope and enthusiasm. 

The dawn of a new era begins today, with uncertainty high there is another perspective that can be taken regardless of which half of the divide we stand on.

It appears to me that many of us have been asleep in this country for a long time. We have taken for granted the steady flow of democratic institutions. We have retreated into the safe bubbles of our own lives and have been largely disconnected from the scale of suffering occurring in our country and across the world. 

Sharp divisions have existed in this country for a long time. Divisions in class based on socioeconomic inequality. Prior administrations have managed through established politics to keep a lid on these divisions. Yet the lines that divide us are severe. With huge changes occurring on the global scale, wars, refugee crises and global warming we are seeing a recoiling toward nationalism. A combination of rage and fear and discontent among large groups of people in our country resulted in torrential desire for change. Without being sure of what that change is, many believed that any change would be better than systematic economic oppression.

So here we are at the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States: Mr. Donald J Trump. Today I see incredibly positive events occurring.

I see Americans across the country coming together and standing in unity with each other. Fighting for the rights of Women, Trade Unions, Black Lives, Healthcare and LGBTQ communities. 

I see people actively participating in democracy refusing to accept oppressive ideologies and systems.

I see altruism and empathy.

I see us all waking up to our interconnectedness from the delusion of separateness. 

I see us committing to values of true Liberty, Equality and Freedom for all.

I thank President Trump for showing us our shadow, personal and collective.  

For helping us see that we are responsible for the reality we experience and that we need to actively fight for the society we wish to have. 

May we all take this day to deeply awaken our innermost power to create a world based on true love and compassion.

Let us not stop until all men and women regardless of class, race or sexual orientation live freely and enjoy all the benefits of true democracy.

The time has come to expand our reach beyond tribalism and nationalism. We need to consider what will be needed to create a vibrant global community based on the highest values for humanity as a whole.

Please share this message with others of hope and empowerment 🙏❤️

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