How To Make Your Dreams Come True

We all have a dream. The dream comes from the dreamer. The part of our spirit that is not defined by limitations of the mind. That is not cautioned by fear or failure. It is the childlike quality in us that wants to express itself freely and completely. It is boundless and playful. It is  creative and enjoys giving life to ideas.

When we stifle this part of ourselves with societal conditioning or limited beliefs then we strangle our inner beauty. We rob the world of a gift that it was promised through our birth. If we continue to suffocate the dreams within us, through compulsive 9 - 5 behavior or by taking on some role that we believe is expected of us, then eventually the dreamer begins to die and we feel lifeless and despondent. 

How then can we reignite this dream? 

How can we give life to our hearts desire? 

Sit with yourself and take some time alone. Choose a place where you feel free and open and happy, that reminds you of your childlike nature. 

Then ask yourself honestly:

What is my dream? 

Why can't I make this happen? ( listen to all the fearful beliefs and restrictions) 

Where did I learn these restrictive beliefs? 
Are these beliefs really mine or is it just past conditioning? 

Do I really want to hold onto this belief? 
If the answer is no, I would like to release this belief, then do the following simple visualization: 

Imagine the old belief in black smoky writing, now imagine moving it further and further away from you and the becoming lighter and lighter and then exhale the belief and allow it to turn to white light. Replace this belief with a new positive belief that support your dream, imagine it in bright colors, becoming larger and larger, wrapping around you, entering through your head and being subsumed by the subconscious mind.

Lastly write out a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan of small achievable steps to take toward your dream. 

The mind is a fertile ground so plant the seeds of positive change. Every night before you go to sleep write out affeoming statements in present tense. "I am happy and feel so alive now that I am" (your goal) 

Make lots of space for changes along the way, which is part of the creative process. 

It is vital that you enter this process from a space of giving voice to your creative side, rather than any attachment to a goal state making you happy. 

Start today, share your gift, the world awaits you!

If you would like to chat with me about beginning this process, I would love to be a part of the incredible journey or making your dreams come true. 

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