Healing by Connecting to The Wisdom of Our Divine Femine

When our outer world appears to be darkening in terms of the more brutal, destructive side of masculine energy an inner space is also being created to align with the divine feminine. This energy is born or arises from seeing beyond the veil of dark materialist expressions.

The divine feminine is wise, expansive, nurturing, complete, transformative and creative. She is the deepest place to which we return home. She is soft, warm and embracing. She is deep and expressive of our divine truth. She gives birth from the cleansing ashes of destruction. She is the all knowing, all pervasiveness energy that creates life.  Her energies can be expressed in these archetypal forms: Goddess, Priestess, Warrioress, Lover and Wise Woman. The goddess represents the connecting to transcendent direct experience and knowingness of boundless love and expressive energy. The mother represents the giving of life, the nurturing and guiding of life into self sufficiency, selflessness and authority of the living space and progeny. The queen brings order, balance, fertility , compassion, fairness and unconditional love. The priestess is the source of intuitive awareness, insight, a connecter between the material and spirit world, the conscious and unconscious affecting our spiritual and material sense of well being. The warrioress is decisive, shows clarity of thought, genuine humility, she fights for what is right and fair and is selfless in doing so. The lover is the full expression of  divine sensual and sexual energy, she is playful and creative and the embodiment of heathy erotic expression without shame. The wise woman elicits divine visions and translates them into right advocacy and solutions that provide resolution and advancement from impossible challenges. When we are connected to each of these archetypal energies we experience deep inner peace, joy, love, harmony and equanimity in our inner and external world. We each have aspects of these energies within us.

When this energy becomes unbalanced and repressed toward the dark masculine and feminine we move toward gross and harsh forms of thinking, interacting with and creating our world from aggression, powerlessness and victim hood. Our relationships become transactional and our willingness to judge others harshly arises. We lack empathy and begin to take on an us verses them attitude. We view the world in black and white terms and become overly rational in thought. We become gratified by materialism and strive toward outer recognition. When this immature masculine energy overpowers we see a dark and aggressive world, that is lacking in empathy and has increased apathy. The first instinct is to increase these masculine traits and fight back against an aggressive out world. We may use harsh speech and divisive strategies to attempt to fix the situation. This only creates further anger, sadness and isolation. We feel more disconnected from ourselves, others and the earth and her cycles. Eventually when this destruction becomes too painful we are directed inward, to feel. To get in touch with our emotions and to allow ourselves to connect more deeply with our inner wisdom and compassion. We return to the nurturing mother, who will embrace us and hold us deeply and non judgmentally. Here we can heal and begin to allow her wisdom to rise within us. We find her both in our reflective and intuitive capacities and in our creative and expansive ways of engaging the world. 

The divine feminine can be found in the cycles of Mother Earth. A powerful female energy is lunar energy. The cycles of the moon are closely connected to our internal thought and emotional states. The new moon represents a time of bringing in new ideas and energies. The waxing moon ushers in an increase in activity, expansiveness and creative energies being expressed. Theses energies are given birth to or manifested in the fully illuminated fmoon. The waning moon guides us back inward toward introspection and the inner world of intuitiveness. The dark of the moon is time of letting go, cleansing and healing. 

 Ancient cultures have connected these cycles to those of the menstrual cycle. Women were revered for being physiologically connected to divine feminine energy and their cycles were synced with lunar energy. In Native American practice along with ancient Indian practices women would gather together during a full moon to fully connect to feminine energy and wisdom and meditate upon this intuitive and receptive capacities. During menstruation women would rest and cleanse themselves emotionally and physically of restrictive  energies. During a new moon they would practice cultivating new ideas and expressions through their creative capacities to be enacted in the world. 

In modern times we have seen the repression of such practices and the turning away from the powerful process of menstruation. This has led many women to disconnect from the natural ebb and flow of their internal cycles and wisdom. This leads woman towards having more difficulty with emotions, like PMS and even struggling to express themselves authentically. Men also suffer when pushing away this process as they unconsciously also disconnect from their internal feminine energy and further repress their own emotions. For our collective healing inviting in the practice of aligning ourselves with both lunar and menstrual cycles and healing any internal resistance or even rejection of these deeply feminine aspects of ourselves will be key to our transformation.

Dr. Christian Northrup writes a fascinating and informative article on the wisdom of the menstrual cycle and includes a vast amount of medical research to support her work- you can read more here http://www.drnorthrup.com/wisdom-of-menstrual-cycle/



The more out of sync we become  with our internal cycles and the external cycles of the moon, the seasons and the cycles of birth, old age, sickness and death the more destructive we become. We need to return home to our nature and spend time in a more reflective state. Connecting with our internal world and with a higher source of intuition we will begin to heal the wounds of destructive masculinity. In this way we will recognize our inseparability from all things and we will once again express ourselves in a wide, loving and kind way and rediscover or divine feminine.

I encourage you to integrate and accept these energies and cycles as a part of you. To share in this with your partners and your children and all those you are connected to. In this way we invite in the energy of the divine feminine and allow shame toward it to be washed away. You will see the more closely you align with the feminine the greater your capacity to transform your world and the more connected to will feel to a wiser and more mature masculine energy. 

If you feel out of sync with these energies and would like to heal this imbalance contact me and we can create a healing path forward. 


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