How to Overcome a Fear of Failure

Embracing Uncertainty

In one way or another we are all bracing against something. For gaining anything in life affords us with the equal possibility of losing it. We want to believe everything lasts yet the truth is nothing does, we wish never to die but the truth is we all do.  We cling to changing images and try to maintain certitude in false projections. 

Yet when we deny the truth of our mortality, we are perpetually in state of white nuckled bracing against the tide of reality. We love in fear of rejection and abandonment, we create success in fear of failure. We seek constant validation of our existence and push against anything that disturbs our sense of continuity. 

What if we embraced uncertainty instead?

What if we broke the illusion and analysed every aspect of of our life.

 Is everything indeed changing? What about ourselves? Are we not changing with every passing moment from our shifting thoughts to the changing cells in our body? Is everything not in a state of flux? 

If the answer you find is yes, then some anxiety may arise just about now. That anxiety comes from the perceived existential threat we feel when faced with change. The bracing and fixed self fears non existence when faced with uncertainty. 

Yet even this bracing self cannot be found to be a constant. The very part of us that thinks it's exists in this way changes with our changing mind. 

The truth is we are constantly changing projections of consciousness. As our consciousness contracts and expands we give birth to ourselves in every moment. So we inhale compassion for our bracing self and we exhale it into the field of potentiality. We recognize that uncertainty is the womb of creation. All we have ever projected ourselves to be and ever will be, will rise and fall from this source. This source is, unchanging, ever present and this is who we are.

We heal when we embrace our nature, we embrace potential, we embrace uncertainty. In this way, we never die, instead we choose to intentionally project ourselves as beautiful reflections of our awakened consciousness. 

We live and love knowing there is nothing to lose or gain, because we are everything. And so my dear friend, we find ourselves free. We happily play in the dance of consciousness and we celebrate coming home to ourselves.

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