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So You've Found the One

Love is not something we plan for. Often all the searching and urgency in the world to find the one, gets you nowhere fast. Or even worse, gets you the opposite of 'the one'. 

So you let the house of cards fall, a few relationships later. You spend time alone, you become your own greatest fan. You realize that no one is going to save you but you. You feel a sense of ease and contentment. 

Then, one day, out of the clear blue sky, a person appears in your life. You haven't been looking so you speak to them with an openness that lacks agenda. 

You both talk and engage in ways you never have. You notice a vulnerability in your conversations a deeper knowing. 

You connect intellectually and both at heart and spirit. You awake one morning, in their arms and you have this overwhelming sense that this is where you've always longer to be. 

If you had not known them in dreams, then you must have known them in visions. For they've captured an ethereal part of your being.

As you look intently in their eyes- you know- you've found the one. 

The Greatest Love Story Has Begun

The love story of the century has begun, to be swept of your feet and to lose your breathe all at once may begin to explain how you feel.

How beautiful to feel so deeply and feel safe in doing so. There is no sacrifice to great for your love. This is what you've waited for. This is the great love, from which wars have risen and kingdoms have fallen.

You look at your lover with the eyes of enchantment and perfection. For they seem without fault. Pure in heart. All you have ever revered, they are. 

But Great Love is A Mirror To the Soul

Time passes and perhaps the initial grandeur of the relationship begins to ease away. The love has deepened with time and there is an ease about being 'yourself'.

Yet with this ease there is also a transparency in the allowance of all aspects of your being to emerge.

As the intoxicity of spellbound love fades, the rise of inner shadows come to play.

These shadows mark the internalized versions each partner has held of male and female archtypes. The unconscious difficulties that have been submerged rise to the surface to find their resolution. 

We project our unconscious fears onto our partners. They simply serve as a mirror of all the things we have feared, repressed and refuse to confront in ourselves.

How to Transform the Shadows into a Deeper Love

Now you've entered the hallway of shadows. Anger, distrust and sadness erupt and you say your partner has changed.

Look deeply. Those are the same eyes you loved with such depth. Look at the shadows, without fear. Open your heart to your lover. See behind the anger. Bring the same vulnerability you did in the beginning. Shine the light of awareness on pain.

The work for change is not another relationship. It's not changing your partner.

It is coming to know yourself on the deepest levels of being. Healing your past. Becoming aware of unconscious patterns and choosing consciously to be and see something different.

If you stick the course with a person committed to the same level of transperancy and inner work, this relationship could be the very vehicle to the realization of the most beautiful truth you will ever come to know about your existence. 

Fall at your lovers feet in gratitude as you weep in joy, as the illusions fall and the truth comes to be. 

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