Awakening Your Heart

We each come into this life with a unique gift to offer this world. A dream, a path, a purpose that sets our heart on fire. Often though this gift is forgotten, we lose sight of the things that bring us true joy and we settle for a life of mediocrity. We fall into roles, patterns and expectations of family, society and culture that call upon us to fit in and become a certain way. We may have become wounded early in life or later in life through failed relationships or missed opportunities. We may have lost faith in ourselves and forgone our hearts desires in safety and certainty.


We choose relationships and careers that are driven more by our unconscious fears than  intentional choices. When we do not explore our amazing potential and all that we can be and ought to be then we walk away from ourselves and we silence our heart. This leads us toward a life that feels unfulfilled and stagnant and often filled with anxiety and sadness. 

When we suffer, our heart cries out to us, to be heard, to be healed, to be awakened. 


A Life Inspired By The Heart and Created By The Mind

Regardless of how lost we may feel, there is a beautiful path back to the truth of who we are.


To joy, excitement, passion and love.


Through our wounds we can rediscover ourselves.


In this way we can heal the parts of us that have been forgotten and betrayed and return to the true beauty of our hearts capacity to create a life of love, beauty and happiness.


Our work together will begin a profound journey inward  discovering your limitless potential to live and breathe an intentional life.


A life where the heart and mind meet and you can create your dreams and aspirations anew. 


On this journey you will experience the release that comes with healing emotional and mental blocks through deep and insightful conversations and guided hypnotherapy.


This work is a path toward waking up to your life, to your power and potential to radically change your life and manifest conscious relationships, path and purpose and a profound and meaningful connection with your innate creative power.


Our work is collaborative process; through deep presence, commitment and self recognition a fertile ground for radical change is created.


I will act as a mirror, reflecting your power back to you, time and time again until you fully awaken to this capacity. 


I am devoted to providing a compassionate and enlightening path toward self knowledge and empowerment.


The path ultimately culminates in you being your own therapist, best friend and greatest teacher. 



I founded Awaken Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles California and currently practice in both California and on the East Coast. 


I currently see clients via Skype across the world, in person and through teaching workshops.


My Approach

My approach is simple. Heart Awakening and Mindscaping.


Heart Awakening simply means connecting you with what brings you joy, love, inspiration, meaning and passion to your life and healing the blocks that have kept you from this. Reigniting within you, a sense of path, purpose and authenticity.


Mindscaping is the process of cultivating and building dreams within your mind. I act as an architect of your greatest dreams and aspirations. Helping you to design and implement a vision that holds your highest goals and aspirations in mind. Guiding you toward your own natural resources and abilities to take this vision from formless to form. Recognizing and breaking down any mental barriers that have limited you in the past and replacing them with highly evolved beliefs that




 Hypnotherapy is a revolutionary modality, it ushers in a much needed waking up and shift in the world of psychology. 


It moves beyond the paradigm of diagnosing and medicating. It views the glass half full and not empty, meaning it sees problems as answers to recognizing your potential for transformation. 


Hypnotherapy is derived from the word hypnosis which means a highly focused state of concentration. This is the kind of state you see in great sports players or geniuses, a state of supreme focus that allows them to have self mastery over a task. This state is created by deepening a persons capacity to relax deeply and then used therapeutically to achieve any goal they may have. 


It guides you to the greatest resource, the pot of gold, your subconscious mind.


It teaches you to understand, work with and master your minds creative potential to manifest the Reality You Want To Experience.


It moves you out of Reactive Mode into Creator Mode.


Even Science Agrees Now With a Great Weight of Evidence Supporting the Effective Use of Hypnotherapy to Treat:


  • Anxiety
  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Trauma
  • Post traumatic stress disorder 
  • Fears and Phobias 
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia 
  • Weight Loss
  • Addiction
  • Painless Child Birth 
  • Cancer Symptom Management 
  • And much more!


Hypnotherapy Is Empowering and Helps You Create:


  • Unique Path and purpose  
  • Meaningful Happiness 
  • How to Manifest Your Goals
  • Increased Confidence and Motivation 
  • Inner calm and peace 
  • Loving, aware relationships 
  • Meaningful success and abundance 
  • Deepened connection to spiritual path
  • Creativity in the arts : Acting, Singing and Dance
  • Sports mastery 
  • Self Mastery

Breaking Point Translates To Discovery Opportunity

A breaking point occurs when a person feels like they can not tolerate a certain situation or emotional state anymore. This is when the conscious mind can no longer repress the unconscious mind and the person feels overwhelmed and seeks change.  


This is what I reframe as a Discovery Opportuniy.


Instead of looking at the issue as negative, we take it as a powerful opportunity for change. A sign post from the mind to uncover the Why, When and How of the issue and what it is revealing about your underlying beliefs. 


The most powerful Change State is the ground of Raw Vulnerability.



Once you can connect with the raw emotion of this issue and how your subconscious mind has been unconsciously creating your life thus far then you are completely empowered to change your underlying beliefs and transform every aspect of your life through this Change State.


I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a minor in Media and Communications from the University of Natal South Africa. I chose this combination specifically as I believe that the most powerful way to help people is to communicate shared hopes, dreams, struggles and path to healing through the media. 


This idea has now blossomed into a reality, through blogging, social media and teaching I have seen the incredible healing power of sharing compassion and wisdom with so many wonderful individuals across the world. 


I attended the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the leading and only accredited college for therapeutic hypnotherapy in the country. The program focuses on the therapeutic application of Hypnotherapy and offers a year long clinical training program with a 6 month residency. After over 1600 hours of training I graduated with honors as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am continuously expanding my education in the field with continued education units in the field of hypnotherapy, psychology and self improvement.


About Me

Hi my name is Davita Moodley, I am Mindful Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert and the Passionate founder of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy.


I joyfully welcome you to this site. I created this site as a resource for healing, transformation and complete awakening to your true potential.


Discover the power of your awareness and subconscious mind to create an inspired life, filled with love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.